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My wife and I have been on 10 tours with Guam Travel Plan lead by Mr. Mario
Celis Jr. The trips have always been very enjoyable, informative, relaxing,
and at a reasonable price. Mr. Celis always seems to put together a
group that is very cohesive, and we have made many new friends through
these tours. We have tried traveling just by ourselves, but we found
that we did not enjoy it as much since we were stressed making all of
the arrangements ourselves and it was much more expensive. We will continue
to travel with Guam Travel Plan when we can.

Lou and Dolly Byers

Baza Gardens, Yona, Guam

We enjoyed all our 8 tour der Guam TravelPlan and with Mario Celis Jr. as the tour leader who is responsible for the everyday activities, problems encountered by some group members and special requests from members. The sights are all interesting and
especially those historical places that are sometimes in the movies.
We look forward to another tour with Guam Travelplan.

Ernie and Nelly Orallo

Chalan Pago, Guam

We had an exceeding joy with cherished memories traveling with Mario Celis Jr. for he is concerned with his group which is worth it! AND WE WILL DO IT AGAIN!

Dr. Conceso and Lita Libao

Hawaii, USA

“AWESOME!!!” That was my first response when my friends and relatives asked me how my tour went with Mario Celis Jr. (I went with my husband , of course.) Going on a tour with Mario Celis Jr. to different beautiful, interesting and historical places was one of the most educational experience I ever had. Not only did I enjoy the spectacular places but most importantly, the camaraderie between us all who were with Mario.

Basing from experience, going on vacation and joining Mario Celis Jr’s Tour Group is more fun and much less expensive than going on your own. So, if you want to add more meaning to your vacation, I recommend you to join Mario Celis jr.s Guam Travelplan Group. I assure you, “You will get your money’s worth!!!”

Loida Alon

Windward Hills, Guam

Our tour in Eastern Europe last September 2009 was the best for me of all the tours I’ve experienced with Mario Celis Jr. not only because of the group members but the sights where all beautiful.

Nenita Manibusan

Sinajana, Guam, USA

My husband Dante, son Jerome and I went with a group tour under Mr. Mario Celis, Jr of Guam Travel Plan. It was our first time to join Mr. Celis group to Russia and Scandinavia tour. The itenerary was very orderly and very organized . The tour itself was very different, fascinating and exciting. We joined again for the second time to Holy Land.The experience was something you can’t forget. It was very amazing!! For the third time i joined the Greece and Turkey tour. I met new friends from Philippines , Saipan and Guam. This time the tour was enjoyable and educational. And again, the itenerary was well organized. I am very much satisfied with this group that iam looking forward to join another one in the future..

Henny Garcia

Tamuning, Guam

What a great way to see the world! Just plan your trip and Mario takes care of the rest. Easy traveling filled with wonderful memories. You just can’t go wrong.

Joseph and Sherry Dolor

Dededo, Guam

Hello! I have been on 3 tours with Mario so far–and am anxious to go on more!! One of the things I like about his tours is that he goes along on the tour with you so if there are ever any problems he is right there to help efficiently resolve them. Also, Mario creates a togetherness in the group so we are all watching out for each other and insuring that everyone has a safe and good time. Keep up the good work Mario!!”

Beverly (Bev) Lotz

Yigo, Guam

The Vietnam and Bangkok tour last April 2008 was great, of course not just because of the places, but mostly because of your very good management and most of all i did enjoy the company of those wonderful people with us.

Thanks to all of you.. !!! I’m looking forward to joining your tour the very near future!!!

Babylucia Resurreccion

Tehran, Iran

‘The tour trips we’ve taken under Guam TravelPlan was certainly exciting and enjoyable. We truly enjoyed the groups that came on our trips and we have continued to get in touch with them. Accommodations on the trips we’ve taken are very good and we’ve been recommending Guam TravelPlan to all our friends who wishes to go on vacation.’

Esther and Mike Fleming

Saipan, CNMI

The tours of Mario Celis Jr. are very memorable and well-organized and most certainly worth the price. We are repeat customers and we are always looking forward to joining another of Mario’s tours.

Pete and Connie De La Paz

Agat, Guam

Our recently concluded tour in Greece and Turkey (October 2- 18,2009) was
the one we enjoyed the most. It was well planned, and very organized
The interest and welfare of the participants was really given top priority.
The tour itinerary, inclusive of hotel accommodations, breakfast and
dinners and even the optional activities were worth the sum we shed
from our pockets- no short change. And of course all these were made
possible through the expertise of Travel Plan Agency and the abled leadership
of the very knowledgeable and experienced Mario Celis. Entrust your
next tour to Travel Plan.

Roy and
Carina Alcantara Quezon City, Philippines

You really made a great tour conductor for us during the Europe tour in June 2009. Without your lengthy, sincere assistance at manila airport, we were not able to catch the earliest flight to Guam with such reasonable fare by Philippine air. I’d like to travel with you again, especially to east Europe (because the tour is offered only in September, I will join the tour after I retire in a few years).

I wish you keep working as hard as now in order to make a lot of Guam travelers even happier. Domo Arigato,

Akie Imamura, the Europe highlights tour in June 2009

I recently joined the Greece and Turkey Tour 2009 organized by Guam Travel Plan. It was a great experience to see ancient historical places and beautiful sceneries of those two countries, and to have experienced tour guides explained to our group the importance of the sights visited. It was great meeting
new friends among our group members and we had lots of fun. I am certain that I’m going to join a group tour again.

Pascuala ( Lily ) Darby

Sta. Rita, Guam.

This is my third group tour with Travel Plan. I really enjoyed all the tours and all the different sights. The people in my groups were nice. Yes, I’ll join a group tour again with Travel Plan in the coming future.

Thank you again.

John Duenas

Chalan Kanoa Village

Saipan, CNMI

Me and my wife always have wonderful experiences with Guam Travelplan tours and with Mario Celis Jr. handling the day today activities. We already went to 4 different tours under Guam Travelplan and we’ll definitely do some more.

Orlando and Julie David

Dededo, Guam

I went on seven different tours under Guam Travelplan. The trips were all well organized, fun, enjoyable and memorable. Mario Celis Jr. sees to it that he has the best guides for the group. I do recommend to my friends to go with Guam Travelplan.

Fe Calixterio

AS Terlaje, Saipan

My name is Lucy Mendoza Reyes residing on the Island Paradise of Saipan. Just want to share the joy, excitement and most endearing memories of my Holyland Tour
which was well organized by Mario Celis, Jr. Just to name a few of the sights we have toured are: Nabatean City of Petra, Jordan River, were Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Nazareth. Dead Sea, Bethlehem and Mt Sinai. Setting my foot on the Holy Ground were Jesus was conceived and was born by our Blessed Mother Mary gave me more inspiration to read the Bible often. The price of the tour is just right and I am looking forward of joining another Tour that is presently being organize by Mario.

Lucy Reyes

Saipan, CNMI

I have joined Guam Travelplan group twice. First in 2005 , Europe Highlights tour and second in 2006 Russia and Scandinavia tour. I enjoyed both of them. They are educational and informative. I would like to special mention our Guam coordinator, Mr. Mario Celis Jr. He makes sure that everyone is comfortable and having fun. I am interested in joining his group in the future. Angie Wolford

Yigo, Guam

You know my wife and i always enjoy joining the tour that you organized. we love the camaraderie of joining your group to see those places we used to dream about when we were still living in Guam. Now that we moved here in the Philippines for good, I can not imagine joining another tour group next time we have the chance to go again. I highly recommend your group to anyone who longs to travel and see places for your well-planned and well executed tour activities.

Pete and Prescy Cruz


My two sisters and I have been with Guam Travelplan under Mario Celis Jr. in 3 different tours namely, Holyland tour, Europe Highlights tour and British Isles tours. All were wonderful and memorable tours and something that we cherish all the time. We highly recommend his tours to anyone thinking of joining a group tour.

Ofelia Ibabao, Lilia Sales and Virgilia

Agat, Guam

Traveling in Europe and Russia with your group in 2004 and 2006 was really fun and exciting. My mother, daughter and I enjoyed all the places we’ve been. I’m looking forward to another trip with your group soon.
Glynis S. Almonte
Dededo, Guam

We joined the Europe Highlights tour and it was an amazing experience. Every single day of that tour was worthwhile. We were so impressed that after the Europe tour we joined the Holyland tour w/Jordan and Egypt. It was so memorable to us that we are looking to join another tour in the near future. I say, I rate our tours with Guam Travelplan as a “perfect 10”.

Gloria and Ismael Leong

Ordot, Guam

We’re so blessed to visit some of the most religious and historical places in the world. Visiting the “Holy
Land” and western Europe are good experienced we ever had. Our last tour was in Australia and New Zealand. Surroundings are so clean, beautiful flowers/trees and we even went up to the mountain. If there
are chances/opportunities to visit some other places in the world we won’t hesitate to go. Thank you to Travel Plan Guam for bringing us to all those places in the world.

France & Roger Reyes

Yigo, Guam

We would like to thank you for the wonderful opportunity and remarkable experience we had during our Europe Marian Tour and the Holyland Tour. Our dream came true. The trip was very well organized with the excellent service that you provided and professional tour guides in seeing many biblical sights and made us connect with very nice and kind people in the group. We will never forget the wonderful memories, the fun, sharing stories, looking at all the pictures and the memories and laughters it brings. Again, My wife and I would like to thank you in making this trip and experience possible.

We are now planning and looking forward to the next tour with you and the rest of the group.

Bert & Cherry Salonga

Dededo, Guam

My better half and I, enjoyed the Holyland Group Tour and extended tour in Paris with wonderful people in our group most of it all, the unforgetable experienced and memories that is planted in our heart and mind, and this was made possible by very well planned and organized tour master Mario, If ever we have a chance to go again, surely we will. We highly recommend his effort.


Yigo,Guam USA

I wholeheartedly recommend a tour with Mario Celis Jr. and Guam Travel Plan! I have been throughout Europe
as well as Holy Land and Greece/Turkey using Guam Travel Plan, and my expectations are always exceeded — top notch accommodations, friendly and educated tour guides, and well-planned itineraries. On my most recent trip to Eastern Europe, Mario was flexible enough to include an unplanned excursion to the Salt Mines that was one of a kind! Most importantly, the overall cost is very affordable, even for a retiree like myself.

Flor Amparo

Dededo, Guam

Traveling with Mario on the Guam Travel Plan tours always gives unforgettable memories. We will never forget our tour to Eastern Europe in September 2009, because Mario surprised the group with a cruise on the beautiful Blue Danube in Budapest, Hungary. We also enjoyed the knowledgeable guides, the awesome scenery and the experience of walking on Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic. We will definitely go on another tour with Mario. Paul and Ding de los Reyes

Dededo, Guam

I like joining Mario’s tours because they are well-organized and the hotels he chooses
are very nice. Mario is always available for the needs of the tour group,
and makes sure that each tour member is satisfied. I have been on the
Holy Land and Eastern Europe tours and I especially enjoyed the Holy
Land tour, which included Jordan and Egypt. I recommend his tours to
anyone and I have even encouraged my own friends to join.

Alma Alojepan

Guam, USA

“We first learned of Guam Travel Plan while reading a local newspaper advertisement and decided to venture into the world of group touring. In the past, we’d take trips stateside or arrange our own tours which took a lot of time. Our first trip with Mario Celis occurred in 2004 to Europe. We were so pleased with the value for our money that in 2007, we booked a second tour with Guam Travel Plan after we were notified that Mario was planning a tour to the Holy Land, Jordan, and Egypt. The world-renowned sites have been awesome, all of our tour guides have been informative, and lodging and food have been worth the money. We have observed Mario’s helpful gestures to assist physically challenged individuals who are on the tour. We highly recommend his tours to those who think they can’t afford a trip to Europe or the Middle East. The icing on the cake is getting to know people from Guam, Saipan, and the Philippines!”

Sergio and Maria Cruz

Yigo, Guam